Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do you wish you could be a child sometime?

Don't you wish to be a child sometimes?
Laugh out loud as if you're carefree, as if nothing in the world bothers you?

Spending most of the time of the day facing the lifeless and emotionless pc, which kids never understand why (until they are taught to play games online).

I must say, Maple, Warcraft, Scrabble or any other games that has been a crave for the youngsters today can never beat the "childish" games we used to play when we were 8.
We play computer games all alone.

When was the last time we played... hide and seek! =)

Yeaps.. hide and seek!??

Blindfold games??

Jump on bed like there's no grown-up that would lecture you for doing that?

It is really fun!!! Try it yourselves, grown-ups!

Let go of your trouble and be like a child today..

Enjoy each others' companionship

Not fighting for the fame and power of the world; but the blanket just for the fun of it.

Carry each other at our backs instead of gossipping the others behind their backs.

Cheer one another up and spread the happiness around.

Have I brightened your day by posting the smiles of the innocent ones?

Smile is contagious. Spread it.... Everyone needs it

1 comment:

Shubha said...

excellent timing! i spent this day with my childhood friends with whom i played all the childish games!!!