Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Finding Happiness...And Found

After writing about Happiness, I wish to continue this positive vibe and spread happiness all the way. We should definitely avoid the below mentioned points if you want to be surrounded by happy people in life.

Here is your Happy List  

1. Hearsay
Gossiping / Back Biting about others won't do any good and will barely formulate envious environment and you as bitter. An individual who chitchat about others is the one whose private life is not rewarding enough and he/she wants to be acquainted with what is happening in other individual’s life. People who are joyful and satisfied always avoid this loop and keep themselves focused on their own life instead.

2. Negative Approach
Negative thoughts are bound to have an effect on your happiness since you are focal point is on the gray areas of life, instead of optimistic feeling. Negative, naysayers always are concerned and bothered all the time. On the other hand, joyful individuals always approach things completely and are positive in nature.

3. What you think about me.
One aspect on which you can never be in command is how others think about you – so simply ignore the trailing thinking process of others  to stay happy. Don't think about over what others are thinking about you. You can never alter somebody's thought process. You have yourself in control not others. Just be yourself and let others be enthused and overwhelmed by your true self and positivity.

4. Recalling plight from the past
You must forget what you encountered in the past and how it dented your life. Do not ponder a lot about it as you cannot amend what has previously taken place. Past dilemma can influence any individual badly if he/she defers to move on. So bottom line is to forget the past, live in your present and focus on your how to mend you future to make it jovial. Take your past as lesson.

5. Holding onto your grudges
We all do hold on to our grudges and feel suffocated to observe a contented life. Holding on to bitterness will simply strengthen your hard feelings and pessimistic emotion which will pull you down into sadness filled sea. You should learn, practice how to let go and pardon the other individual for his/her wrong deeds. If you can't forgive and forget, at least drop it from your head, and move on. Take a deep breath and move on for better life.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happiness !

Happiness is a simple thought; yet, many people don't appreciate it. We all want to be joyful but we look for it in wrong places. Some people find cheerfulness in money-oriented gains like owning a home, most modern gadgets, costly cars and further more worldly gains. But sometimes, even the biggest triumph of life does not make an individual happy. On the other side, you will meet many people who feel content and fulfilled although they have not completed anything significant in their life

So what does actually make them happy? One word to fill the gap is perspective