Friday, October 03, 2008


Let me ask you this question. Sorry to be very brunt!
What’s your favorite car? What is your car really worth? What's your favorite car site?
If you can't pick one, you're probably not doing justice to your possible knowledge, in spite of the abundance of successful auto sites, few people ever frequent one regularly. They always go with the word of mouth of other users. That's because most of these sites are primarily concerned with buying and selling cars rather than their long term maintenance.
DriverSide, a new startup that launches today, is looking to change this trend by creating an automobile community that will be useful throughout the life of your vehicle. The site creates a profile tailored to your virtual garage, and offers options accordingly. This is a great site as they keep you posted with information as Know exactly what to pay for repairs on your car in your town.
With their long term commitment you can also List your car for sale for free.
You can read very committed CEO’s 100 word description: The first Web site specifically designed for car owners, DriverSide allows consumers to save money on servicing and maintenance costs as well as buy and sell automobiles. With an in-house editorial staff, DriverSide offers useful advice on how to own and operate a car as well as reviews on new and used cars. DriverSide’s social networking capabilities allow consumers to participate in forums, meet other car owners, share knowledge, and post reviews on mechanics and dealers.

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