Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Bye - Share Trading

As always, I lost today more money in the dreaded share market. Crappp... Life is like WTF. All my knowledge regarding the share market has gone down the drain. Now I really need go back to thinking chair to think what is the best option for me. Is it blogging or do I really need to find something else which will help me earn money.

I think I was addicted to this painful activity, with losing money I have lost my hard earned money. I know I have been cribbing a lot for money but can't help it. Everything runs on money, even the love.

Now it is official I am not going to even see the share rates. I have to clear the balances which I have to pay and then I will be joining the Audience team.

Grrr.. I am pissed off right now.. c ya shortly.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Finally I am coming back to blogging. Oh I am sorry I didn't told you what I was doing since so many days..
I was actually doing trading along with the regular job.. Was actually minting money but one attack of bulls on bears let me down, so thought to get back to blogging as slow and steady is the best way to earn but yes I am down with low cash but yes certainly it is kind of addiction which I will reap to earn the best of the lot.

Rest later as I have to do it daily, I promise that I will keep you updated, with Planet Atul is all about and yes very shortly the "Planet Atul" website will be down because keeping it up is as good as nothing.

C ya..