Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Error !!! Timesof

For the first time in blogging life, I was able to find the error that too on They did a spelling mistake of STUDENTS. They spelled as SUDENTS.

Have a look here

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Someday. the name would be enough"

Wednesday, September 1 6:30 AM

Up at this time, where most of my colleagues would be sleeping after the night shit ya shit, just because I don't want to work in the so called global working hours. I opened my facebook (when I have so much to study and read for my exam) but what the F**K, I can't concentrate with no reason whatsoever so I opened my fake profile on FB.

With a natural inclination towards the name Isha, I found this lovely girl profile whose Introductory line gave me wow feeling.

"Someday. the name would be enough :) "

And then I followed to her blog where every verse was so well weaved, ya weaved with so much purity that I felt to write something for her..

I m also back to the blogging world. Big Thanks to That Girl Next Door - I J

With much more to write for her, but now I have just one thing to make true "Someday. the name would be enough :) "