Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sunday, August 26, 2007

ιΣτ τнΣ §UmmΣЯ вΣGiπžžžžž ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

ιΣτ τнΣ §UmmΣЯ вΣGiπžžžžž ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

It will be my last day of work when the clock will click n say " 8 P.M" I will be zooming for a quick summer vacation of two days in 12 hours time! "Whoopdeedoo" " ye ye yipee " I'm all packed and ready for the heat waves. So there'll be updates after a small while till I get back all tanned and fat from Jaipurani delights!

I m coming Jaipur !!

Man n the Machine !! Vrrrooomm Vrrooomm ..

........... CoMinG Soon ...............

Me n Chat !!

Me: Hey!

Me: How are you doing !!

Her: Hi Aty .. I m in the best of life. U tell ?

Me: Great. Let me share this with you, ok

Me: there is a friend of mine. her name is preeti.

Me: i call her preeto

Me: so what shd i call u ?

Her: so wat can i do

Me: can i call u as Su(per)- preto ?

( No response so far )

Three minutes later she came back... and she said............

Her: I was laughing with my heart out !

And from here the conversation continued as "Su(per) preeto" !!

A happy Story.......................

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Death... An InevitableTruth

Got the name, but me & my words are scared to express my feelings!

Trying to venture a numb…. rather an unusual topic trying to depict an unacceptable truth….

Life is something which comes with the Germs of Death!!

It’s the word which makes people numb... After seeing and feeling this suffering remind us that no one will last, no matter how much we love them. With every small or big ending in our life give us the chance to value the worth of beginnings.

It is a time when every one say… friends and loved ones will meet to shed some tears for the departed soul. The time halts… halts to a stand still ... putting a lid on our feeling.

Everything dries up… Except eyes! Whatever you hear is something which you don’t want to hear, the crying mom, the sobbing father and weeping loved ones.

There is absolutely no room for uncertainty and even hopelessness on this topic. The sensitivity of the possibility is not when you are sixty seven or twenty seven; irrespective of number it is simply inescapable.

Someone who has carried the whole house single handedly; unfortunately needs help of four people to be carried for his last journey… a journey whose road map no one knows.

After the final departure and exit of the heavenly human, everything revolves around him forever and ever; the moment of shared smiles gives the most painful tears to wipe it…

The after death state has everything to do with our memories of happiness and sorrow while we were alive, evokes feeling of fear, uncertainty and even hopelessness.

Death is so easy to talk but no one wants to die!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Flickering Faith !!

I don’t know what made me frame this article but one thing is sure that writing this article was made easier because of the flickering faith in GOD of people who are so offended by God’s apparent mismanagement in their life that they cannot have faith in God seriously.

This article is offered to people who have experienced bitter trouble and want to prepare them to face the reality of life. Human beings in stressful time, matters perhaps would like to think that it is entirely God’s fault but it is a hopeful reminder that someone above is in charge of us who can never ever do anything wrong for us. Whatever he does he does it for good. I thought to give this article a name of GOD vs. HUMAN but thought other way around because humans can never challenge GOD because destiny is something which can never win with.

The Great GOD always has something good for us …Keep your faith alive for him.

He keeps thinking for us even when we stop thinking about him.

Here are few things which you ask from God and the way it gives it to you is entirely his way and the ways through which it gives it you will clear away some unnecessary confusion that arises when we encounter with evil or say problem.

I requested GOD to make me powerful but he showered all the trouble on me … to make me more courageous & witty to triumph over the situation myself.

I asked for wisdom but he made me solve entangled things myself as he want me to learn the see both the sides of the human era i.e. the bad and the good.

I requested for a plan, workout, instruction, and guidelines as to aspire for stardom. He left me astray to find new ways for myself and make way for others as well.

I asked him why he emptied my hand…. why he snatched away who was so near to me whom I love more than my life. He gifted me with something which was more valuable to him & me as well.

I asked for his blessing, wishes of him but he gave me the opportunity to achieve those for what I was wishing for.

I asked for mental strength….. He blessed me with fatigue with the topping of difficulties and asked get matured.

I asked him to give me love… Love which can give me happiness, which can make me smile.. give me the one with whom I can share my feelings, my thoughts . But he blessed me with wretched, dejected, distressed people who require love so that they can be happy and feel valued, important and also the worthy creation of God.

God, the Almighty I have just one grudge that you never gave me what I want but I am really very happy with what you gave me because that is what I actually require.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

....Still We Love !!

In the process of healing my wounded heart,
where i used to treasure my momentous love,
I asked myself why we love ,
When we all know that love hurts.

You start feeling so deserted when you are not in the arms of your loved one....still we love.

There was one message which seems to be so true now,which goes like this..
"When we were kids we couldn't wait to grow up and fall in love now that we are grown up we realize that wounded knees are easier to heal than broken hearts".... still we love.

Everyone quoted that if there is a paradise on earth it is with loved one but no one even gives us the tip of those gripping memories where you just spend no time gazing on the walls and wishing to be somewhere else in this would other than where I was.... still we love

Presence of love in my life lights up, with the special glow resulting in those enhanced positive energies . But absence of it, from whom we love is worse than death.... still we love

In love, life gives you countless treasures and moments of leisure, reasons to smile and memories to cherish.But, most of us do not even believe in life after the love has gone. days and nights pass by in tears painting the picture of the departed one because they started suffocating in your heart.
i do not believe love in itself is noble.... still we love

This four lettered word makes you rule the world when it is with you, you are inseparably linked to everything, you cannot even afford to say a foul word.In your grey days, every thought makes an impression that we cannot afford to live with a toxic mind..... still we love.

And still i want to be loved by the one who likes me but does not love me and she is the one going to leave me in counted days from now.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Silence Speaks....Louder than words

Silence Speaks!!

This phrase always used to give me that scratching itch that what does it actually mean to me. Then finally one day actually night in my subconscious mind I finally got the answer it is nothing but it’s all about the blame game which we play …….

It gets started when we assume that the other person is wrong because the conclusion of advocating him wrong is at the time when our heart and mind is polluted and tell him/her all the possible foul words and judge him the culprit. Whereas the other person who has always been on our side no matter wherever the wind tide takes us accepts those unacceptable things so quietly as if nothing happened.

But when the venomous mind is cured then we realize that it was our mistake we should never give the space to “misunderstanding “that it takes the shape of an argument. The silence always wins…. And with the pace of time who will realize that Silence speaks and always win!!

There is a very good line which I am sure will pacify you if you are about to say something to your special one…
Jab Kisi Se Koi Gila Rakhna, Saamne Apne Aina Rakhna

This will show that when you point one finger to other rest three are always pointing to you with your thumb cementing the same! So stay calm n cool n listen when someone showers the objectionable things in his veil of ignorance and fury

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Memories n Pain of change !!

Every dark night hands over to a day for a new beginning..
A chapter closes for a new beginning ..
A relay athlete handing over the bar to the following athlete for a new lap...
My accepted resignation letter ...a way for a new beginning...

The time,Never expected,
Something I've not even dreamed about.
Every day over here had something special for me which bring in everything.
Making a new memory every moment n at the end carrying too many memories back home !
Bless the day when i became HCLite

With the fading yellow sky..
Will be taking the longest way to go back home..with no great ideas
Remembering all smiles, giggles which use to start from lips moving towards eyes and then comes back to stomach aching laughter.

There are so many to thank for ...
Love to pass my THANKS to everyone but.. how can I name any....
Drifting back to the time gone by with tears but certainly I will miss you all.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Live It !!

Forget about the days when it’s been cloudy,
Forget about the times you've been defeated,
Forget about mistakes that you can't change now,
Forget about misfortunes you encounter,
Forget about the days when you've been lonely,
Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right,
But Do Remember!!

Glow of sun in winter,
Victorious days of conquering someone special’s heart,
Lessons that you've learnt through your gray days,
Luck has outshine your days ‘n nights,
Friends standing next to you advocating you
Just go n live one more day and carry a Dream!

I .. Me .. Myself.

Hi People !
Hope you are doing all well !
Well me.. Hmm where to start from !!

................... Ok here I go..............

U can bet on this I am true scorpion.
Foot tapping music lover.
A little psychotic.
A little neurotic.
Love to be do wheeling with my WAGON R and DISCOVER motorbike
New born Baby in blogging.
Internet presence right for 24/7.

Sometimes lazy laidback
Energetic always
Sometimes sarcastic-
Most times just plain smiling
Lots of friends ... Always in the quest for more.


Soon to be undisputed LEADER