Saturday, August 18, 2007

Flickering Faith !!

I don’t know what made me frame this article but one thing is sure that writing this article was made easier because of the flickering faith in GOD of people who are so offended by God’s apparent mismanagement in their life that they cannot have faith in God seriously.

This article is offered to people who have experienced bitter trouble and want to prepare them to face the reality of life. Human beings in stressful time, matters perhaps would like to think that it is entirely God’s fault but it is a hopeful reminder that someone above is in charge of us who can never ever do anything wrong for us. Whatever he does he does it for good. I thought to give this article a name of GOD vs. HUMAN but thought other way around because humans can never challenge GOD because destiny is something which can never win with.

The Great GOD always has something good for us …Keep your faith alive for him.

He keeps thinking for us even when we stop thinking about him.

Here are few things which you ask from God and the way it gives it to you is entirely his way and the ways through which it gives it you will clear away some unnecessary confusion that arises when we encounter with evil or say problem.

I requested GOD to make me powerful but he showered all the trouble on me … to make me more courageous & witty to triumph over the situation myself.

I asked for wisdom but he made me solve entangled things myself as he want me to learn the see both the sides of the human era i.e. the bad and the good.

I requested for a plan, workout, instruction, and guidelines as to aspire for stardom. He left me astray to find new ways for myself and make way for others as well.

I asked him why he emptied my hand…. why he snatched away who was so near to me whom I love more than my life. He gifted me with something which was more valuable to him & me as well.

I asked for his blessing, wishes of him but he gave me the opportunity to achieve those for what I was wishing for.

I asked for mental strength….. He blessed me with fatigue with the topping of difficulties and asked get matured.

I asked him to give me love… Love which can give me happiness, which can make me smile.. give me the one with whom I can share my feelings, my thoughts . But he blessed me with wretched, dejected, distressed people who require love so that they can be happy and feel valued, important and also the worthy creation of God.

God, the Almighty I have just one grudge that you never gave me what I want but I am really very happy with what you gave me because that is what I actually require.


Anonymous said...

Hey Atul...excellent work...keep writing such gud 1st comment..many more to come...


Anup said...

Absolutely true!!!!I totally agree with you. God has always given me strength to win over bad situations with head held high. I am absolutely in awe of your writing prowess now. Dost keep writing like this.


Neha said...

Hey..Good positive in life and things will come your way..some of your writings reflect negativity in you and your ideas..

All the Best :-)

rohan said...

hey atul..u r full of surprises!! nice stuff with the site n yr articles..not less than a pro, i must say..its looks great...but how about swapping a snap of yrs with one in which u are smiling...come one...we need to smile to spead the happiness..hope to see the changes..