Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Death... An InevitableTruth

Got the name, but me & my words are scared to express my feelings!

Trying to venture a numb…. rather an unusual topic trying to depict an unacceptable truth….

Life is something which comes with the Germs of Death!!

It’s the word which makes people numb... After seeing and feeling this suffering remind us that no one will last, no matter how much we love them. With every small or big ending in our life give us the chance to value the worth of beginnings.

It is a time when every one say… friends and loved ones will meet to shed some tears for the departed soul. The time halts… halts to a stand still ... putting a lid on our feeling.

Everything dries up… Except eyes! Whatever you hear is something which you don’t want to hear, the crying mom, the sobbing father and weeping loved ones.

There is absolutely no room for uncertainty and even hopelessness on this topic. The sensitivity of the possibility is not when you are sixty seven or twenty seven; irrespective of number it is simply inescapable.

Someone who has carried the whole house single handedly; unfortunately needs help of four people to be carried for his last journey… a journey whose road map no one knows.

After the final departure and exit of the heavenly human, everything revolves around him forever and ever; the moment of shared smiles gives the most painful tears to wipe it…

The after death state has everything to do with our memories of happiness and sorrow while we were alive, evokes feeling of fear, uncertainty and even hopelessness.

Death is so easy to talk but no one wants to die!!


Namita said...

hmmmmm it was really gud article. keep it up . liking forward for more interesting articles . all the best

Gr8 Mind @ Work..

vibhuti said...

Hey Atul...

I read most of ur's writings and found`it really touchy... believe me... keep writing like dis and u willl be drawing more appreciation... i simply liked ur this article on death which u wrote is a hardcore reality of life.. keep up d good work and we willl keep appreciating!!!!!!


Planet Atul said...

Thanks Namita n Vibs..

Thanks for taking time and reading my pain out..

will try to switch to. happy mode.. soon..