Wednesday, August 15, 2007

....Still We Love !!

In the process of healing my wounded heart,
where i used to treasure my momentous love,
I asked myself why we love ,
When we all know that love hurts.

You start feeling so deserted when you are not in the arms of your loved one....still we love.

There was one message which seems to be so true now,which goes like this..
"When we were kids we couldn't wait to grow up and fall in love now that we are grown up we realize that wounded knees are easier to heal than broken hearts".... still we love.

Everyone quoted that if there is a paradise on earth it is with loved one but no one even gives us the tip of those gripping memories where you just spend no time gazing on the walls and wishing to be somewhere else in this would other than where I was.... still we love

Presence of love in my life lights up, with the special glow resulting in those enhanced positive energies . But absence of it, from whom we love is worse than death.... still we love

In love, life gives you countless treasures and moments of leisure, reasons to smile and memories to cherish.But, most of us do not even believe in life after the love has gone. days and nights pass by in tears painting the picture of the departed one because they started suffocating in your heart.
i do not believe love in itself is noble.... still we love

This four lettered word makes you rule the world when it is with you, you are inseparably linked to everything, you cannot even afford to say a foul word.In your grey days, every thought makes an impression that we cannot afford to live with a toxic mind..... still we love.

And still i want to be loved by the one who likes me but does not love me and she is the one going to leave me in counted days from now.


Shshank said...

Let her go... kyun ki duniya hai goal, aur agar tumhari manzil hai vo to kissi mod pe mil jayegi phir kabhi :)
- Shshank

Planet Atul said...

Thanks Mr Mentor for your first comments.. Be always there for me .. guiding n supporting . Thanks Shanks.

Anonymous said...

well ur mentor is do u really think it is always possible???? nevertheless its a gr8 article...i liked it...nthng much to say and u know keep writing :)...all d best....


Ankita said...

What should I say I m speechless...
so much reality in your thoughts !!

Sarika Singhania said...

wasie i have gone thru ur articles...they are just mind blowing...touches the internal vawes smwhre