Friday, August 10, 2007

Silence Speaks....Louder than words

Silence Speaks!!

This phrase always used to give me that scratching itch that what does it actually mean to me. Then finally one day actually night in my subconscious mind I finally got the answer it is nothing but it’s all about the blame game which we play …….

It gets started when we assume that the other person is wrong because the conclusion of advocating him wrong is at the time when our heart and mind is polluted and tell him/her all the possible foul words and judge him the culprit. Whereas the other person who has always been on our side no matter wherever the wind tide takes us accepts those unacceptable things so quietly as if nothing happened.

But when the venomous mind is cured then we realize that it was our mistake we should never give the space to “misunderstanding “that it takes the shape of an argument. The silence always wins…. And with the pace of time who will realize that Silence speaks and always win!!

There is a very good line which I am sure will pacify you if you are about to say something to your special one…
Jab Kisi Se Koi Gila Rakhna, Saamne Apne Aina Rakhna

This will show that when you point one finger to other rest three are always pointing to you with your thumb cementing the same! So stay calm n cool n listen when someone showers the objectionable things in his veil of ignorance and fury

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