Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Bye - Share Trading

As always, I lost today more money in the dreaded share market. Crappp... Life is like WTF. All my knowledge regarding the share market has gone down the drain. Now I really need go back to thinking chair to think what is the best option for me. Is it blogging or do I really need to find something else which will help me earn money.

I think I was addicted to this painful activity, with losing money I have lost my hard earned money. I know I have been cribbing a lot for money but can't help it. Everything runs on money, even the love.

Now it is official I am not going to even see the share rates. I have to clear the balances which I have to pay and then I will be joining the Audience team.

Grrr.. I am pissed off right now.. c ya shortly.

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