Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love you .... this much

I remember that Day,
The first time on the first night,
I love you when you said.
I feel you the same way,
Adorable and charming,
which took my heart away.
Its perfectly you "MY LOVE"
I still feel your hand in mine,
warm hug ,sweet kiss,
Ur memories are divine.
This is how I define
U are caring, U are perfect,
U are absolutely fine.
The sweet smile on your face
And the tone of your voice,
so soothing, can't leave anyone in disgrace.
You give the healing touch.
Every moment I need you beside me,
TO let you know, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Its perfectly you my love, my SWEET love


venkat said...

hello! u have a nice blog. pls link me to ur blog.. and also leave a coment to my blog! tnx a lot!

Atul said...

thanks .. I didn't get ur web address ! please respond.

mohit jain said...

good one....

Anonymous said...

Dude.. I must say u finnaly hav given a home to al ur creatitity.. N so far its n awsomehome n this one is as good as d rest of ur creations .. But m sure u will agree tha we hav seen som great ones too.. I hope d rest of d world wil also c it sm day.. Waitin 4 tha day..

rckstr919 said...
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neha said...

for whom have u written this one???