Monday, February 04, 2008

Wish I can say !

Gazing on phone, waiting for your call - to hear you speak,
Promised myself not to tell…
But couldn't help the heart's outburst - which kept echoing
I MISS YOU ... I Love you … I need you

I know my existence means nothing to you,
You may have not loved me for a moment after that night
No qualm, no grudges nor complain,
though accepting this truth does cause a lot of pain, that you aren’t with me.

You will never know the emotions that flow
when I hear your delightful voice on your office phone
They are the treasured moments that make me happy when I'm feeling blue.
My love for you grows stronger as time goes by,

I MISS YOU so much - I could just cry but you will never see my tears.


joker said...


just sent you an email. hear from you soon!


boobu said...

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