Saturday, April 19, 2008

Atul depicts.....

The influence here tends to make these people rather physical, and at the same time they can respond to the impulse within themselves through acts of giving and generosity. The physical
element robs them of the sensitivity required to feel people out. They can be pushy without the slightest regard for the feelings of others.

Only in retrospect can they perceive the error of their ways and then some of them still cannot see anything wrong in their conduct. They can be heavy of body. I do not necessarily mean heavy in the sense of weight. There is a materialism that governs and influences their direction in life. They are practical and fascinated with science and all things that represent form and mathematics.

They have an intellectual approach to life that is oriented toward fact and logic and are quite skeptical of anything that is out of the realm of orthodoxy. Hard work is not foreign to their natures.
Their plodding patience will persevere to the end.

So just need to follow the Planet Atul

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