Sunday, September 21, 2008


GPS (Global Positioning System) Tracking is a machine that is used to determine the exact position of a vehicle, person or any item to which it is attached at regular intervals. This device receives signals from twenty-four Department of Defense GPS satellites orbiting the earth and uses those signals to determine the exact location of the device within 2.5 meters and keep record of all activities of an item to which it is attached. is a Global player in GPS Tracking technology and has been offering GPS Tracking equipments to Government, Large business and individuals since ages. All GPS tracking systems offered by go through extensive engineering and testing in both their labs and in the field. GPS tracking device offered by can be used for vehicle tracking, Fleet tracking, Asset tracking, Teenager tracking and Mapping tracks. All GPS software’s are highly compatible with Google Earth and thus can be used to know the exact position of a person, vehicle or any other asset.

I remember about John my cousin; he was carrying a GPS Tracking device in his bag when he was lost in the middle of mushy jungle. We informed the nearby police station and they started searching for the signal emitted from his device. To our relief, they tracked him and we reached the place in a rescue helicopter. John was rescued from a treetop and he was surrounded by a pack of wild dogs. Since the incident, I carry a GPS device with me wherever I go. So it is a must for all to have this device.

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