Saturday, September 06, 2008

Host..Host..Host !!

Choosing the best hosting service nowadays is very difficult task because of the various options available. There are many factors we have to consider while choosing the web hosting service. Factors like the monthly rate and the facilities the service provides, moving from blogger to word press and the difficulties anyone would face. This was just about what you may need to take care of technically and on SEO front to set up a word press blog but if you are just starting from scratch, do you know there are few more difficulties in the line? To overcome all these problems, I found a new web site called Now, based on my experience, they have a lot of cheap professional web hosting list. Usually, the service just charge under $10/month and you can get at least one free domain registration plus 30 days money back guarantee. Is it so fantastic, isn't it? is a PR7 site which provides, web hosting reviews and webhosting articles. The one of their service that I like about this website that they also provide web hosting reviews so you can read the honest review and will not be fooled by web hosting that usually boast about their hosting service. These articles are very useful for a new comer who wants to create a new website and do website hosting on the server. For more information logon to

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