Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suffering from Acne??

I spent most of my life locked in my bedroom, miserable about my raging acne.
-Moon Unit Zappa
Acne is often considered to be only a teenager’s skin problem, but Lets face it - at some time or another we all experience this irritating disease. As teenagers we are frustrated with ugly spots on our face, and as adults, we are troubled that we can still get acne. Acne generally affects the face – the first aspect of our personality which others look at, when they meet us.
What is the Cause of Acne?
When the pore openings on the face(most of the times, acne is caused on face) and on other areas like - neck, back, chest and arms become plugged with skin debris, oil is produced by deeper oil glands of skin, and this oil gets trapped in the skin – This results in formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Inflammation is caused by this, and after some time we start to see red pimples and even deeper cysts which make our body look very unattractive. These spots sometimes lead to scarring of the skin called Acne.
The good news
Effective therapy for acne can successfully cure the physical features of acne and hence, the unseen psychological and social impact of this condition is also removed. There are some products available in the market that can help remove or considerably reduce Acne.
Out of those which are available, I will recommend Murad Acne It guarantees clear skin in just 4 weeks.
Now, you would be wondering how I know about it. Recently, one of my cousins was about to get married. One of her most important concerns was to get rid of her Acne. She had been trying such products since last 4 years, but could not get rid of acne. As soon as she tried Murad Acne Complex , she started noticing considerable improvement.
Well, her marriage is scheduled next month, and I am quite happy she got rid of her acne; she looks a lot beautiful now. And not only that, I have noticed that she has started going out with friends more often and has become gregarious. I could never even imagine that before, certainly I am very happy for her. Thanks to the Acne Complex

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