Friday, October 10, 2008

10 things even money can't buy !

Ages after ages it was drilled that we must remain happy and contended with what we have. But today's generation like me and just about everyone in this competitive world are running after one sole thing: money and creation of wealth. But there are different ways in which different human beings think. For some wealth creation is abundance of money while for some others it could be just living joyfully. Money or the creation of wealth can give you pleasures of life and help you realise your fantasies. To say that money and subsequent creation of wealth can buy everything is a misnomer. The true fact is money cannot buy everything. Here is a list of what money cannot buy but things that can be cherished over a period of your life perhaps.
1. Vision and mission of your life
2. Nurtured relationships
3. Values
4. Personal development
5. Genius
6. Mentor and guide
7. Team spirit
8. Humility
9. Developing efficiency
10. Adaptability and acceptability

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