Sunday, September 06, 2009

Review on Final Destination 4

Hi Guys,

Finally I was on time to watch Final Destination 4 which I promised with the last post. So please be ready for a harsh review about this movie.

For this movie, you can use all the synonym of a word worthless.... lemme give some to you as well. This movie is & was of no value I should have read the review before booking the tickets worth Rs 220 plus the booking charges of

Another synonym is rubbish, the movie was so predictable that this is going to happen next. He sees and tries to save but can't save, graphics were so good but bloodbath was so much that I really didn't liked the movie.

In another words, I won't another Hollywood flick as I had two back to back pathetic movie.

Suggest me some good flick before I even think of going for another movie.. Till then happy time ahead..

Good Nite.

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