Monday, May 17, 2010

All Alone...I m alone

All Alone… I m alone!
Why you did left me alone…
Why you didn’t even thought about me, before leaving me alone….
How can you forget someone, who gave you so much to remember….

My eyes know what they want to see…
My hands know what they want to hold…
My ears know what they want to hear…
My heart knows what it wants….
But why you didn’t even thought about me before leaving me alone.

I don’t wanna wake up from my daily sleep but I still do…
Hoping to hear from you….
Hoping you can hold my hand once again and forever.

Even though I have dropped many tears but the pain still persists
I want to smile but I simply can’t.
I feel the pain in my smile….
My smile is incomplete without you.
I m alone…

“Nai I cnt u in pain. Gimme all ur pain” This is what you said
I don’t want this pain to pass by… Not to you.

Every breath passes wishing you to be back but you never….
Every moment which passes by is filled with your memories…
But, I still feel I am all alone

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