Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is all a big Lie

Here lately, I've been seeing a lot of talk about Facebook changing from just a free service, to adding a paid or premium service. In this post, I will expose the truth once and for all, so that everyone can know what to look forward to on Facebook.

Facebook has been very successful running an ad supported site for many years now. And the bring in an even larger income to an already very wealthy Social Network. So please trust me when I say that Facebook is NOT going to create or impose any type of paid or premium service to it's members.

Anyone who is convinced that Facebook is going to start charging members just to have an account on there has been misinformed. There is a rumor going around Facebook that members have to start paying for their membership, or their account will be deleted. This is another bold face lie.

The message above has already been debunked by Snopes.com. I welcome you to go to the Snopes Article, and read all the rumors and lies about Facebook becoming a paid membership. Please learn the facts before posting any possible lies, rumors, and otherwise false information to your Facebook account. If you have a doubt, please check here or on Snopes.com before posting it on the web.

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