Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life would be boring

Life would be boring if one spends his/her lifetime worrying about everything. Life is too precious to spend your time worrying. Laughter is the best medicine available for all ages and there is only one side effect, which is it will entertain the people surrounding you. No one will be friendly with you if you are always worried about something.

1. Laugh every now and then and you will feel young... at heart. Your stress will vanish and you won’t have any health problems, as laughter boosts your immune system.

2. With laughter, you can easily make friends. You will be seen approachable in a party if you sport a constant smile.

3. Laughter improves your self-esteem and gives you confidence and relaxed. Your problems will seem trivial to you and you can tackle them well.

4. Laughter can spark your creativity levels and help you to produce fresh ideas. It can sharpen your memory skills.

5. With laughter, you can strengthen relationships. The one you can’t laugh with won’t be a good life partner for you.

6. Laughter is a good way to exercise your facial muscles. It is proven that laughing more will keep your face fresh and young.

7. By laughing often, you will spread a good vive around you which will effect everyone surrounding you. Whether people understand or not, they will feel better if you are around with laughter.

8. Laughter is associated with romance. Girls always like a boy who can make them laugh and face any problem with humour in heart

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