Saturday, November 12, 2011

She says !!

She says.. " I don't love you... "
Her eyes.. say " I'm crazy about you.... "
She says.. " I'm happy without you.. "
Her eyes say.. " I'm nowhere without you.... "
She says.. She has many to take care of her..
Her eyes say.. " But.. no one cares like you do .... "

She asks me to hold some one Else's hand..
Her eyes say.. " never leave me...."
She says.. " you're just a good friend.. "
Her eyes say.. " I can't see you to be someone Else's.... "
She says.. "Go away "
Her eyes say.. " stay till my last heartbeat.... "
She says.. "Don't kiss me.. "
Her eyes say.. " Don't follow my words.... "
She says.. " wait for now.. "
Her eyes say.. " let's fall for each other... "
She says.. " I'm confused.. "
Her eyes say.. " I JUST LOVE YOU....

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