Monday, February 04, 2008

WORLD RAP .... Posted in TOI Sunday Times !!

I wish every one is as 'ugly duckling’ like her !!

Eva Longoria admitted to being the “ugly duckling” of her family, and having been bullied for her looks when she was young. Even though Eva has turned out to be one of the most glamourous women with a number of rewarding deals with cosmetic companies, she obviously has not forgotten that her nickname while growing up was “ugly duckling”, reports a British newspaper.
Longoria, who recently married US basketball player Tony Parker, recounted how her nickname came to be. “I was the darkest in my family. I was the only one with black hair and the only one with dark skin. All my sisters were light blondes with hazel eyes. They used to call me ugly duckling,” a website quoted her as saying. “I grew up without being beautiful. So I kind of relied on my personality and my character,” she added.“I kind of developed a skill not to depend on anything superficial because I didn’t have anything superficial to depend on,” she added. Agencies

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