Friday, March 20, 2009

Make way for Laptop

Hi All,
Hope you are doing all well.
I believe that this time, I will finalized the deal with Dell laptop. I am buying laptop not because I am rich or I am in need of. But I am just tired of using the same PC for over an year now. I want to thank you my dear PC for bearing me so much, my dear PC helped me in earning over 2 lakh in online blogging, my PC n me also enjoyed the fantasy (late nights) and listening to songs and various other stuff.

But the Itch to get a laptop in on its peak so will have to satisfy that itchy itch..

Will surely post the pics of laptop the day I buy that.. Ahh sorry to tell you that it will be and it has to be ordered before 23rd of this month so wait for the curtain raiser :)

Wait for the lappy pics..

Love you all..


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey dude..
how i wish i cud have been the one makin the way for it.. but u know how it is.. all i can do is APOLOGIZE!!!