Monday, August 17, 2009

Want to Opt Out of Share Market ? Not So Fast!

As every reader of this uncanny blog might be aware that I am trying to get rid of my addiction of trading in equity and future & option market, but I cannot see that happening anytime soon. Because I really want to opt out of this dreaded market but I am not able to do that fast. Again booking loss of 15k , I was again pushed into market to earn the same money. I could have been easily gaining that money but managed to mint losses..

I know I am talking more about the money all these days but I cannot help it. I cannot time the market as of now, just managing to hit the wrong button at wrong time.

I hit the sell button when I had to buy and vice versa. Patience is the name of the game plus loads of luck and loads of money.

Wish me luck to come with the flying colors rather raining currency notes in my pocket :)

c ya with the next post..

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