Thursday, August 20, 2009

My friend - Monty

Hi All,
I am the ghost writer, don't get frowned I am saying this because with every post where I promise myself that I will be regular with posting and then I am gone. Gone where, even I don't know.

Oh ! Did I told you that my best friend " Harminder @ Mona -Sardar @ Jaspal @ Monty is coming back from Bangalore after good six month. I guess I didn't told you about that but never the less now you know. :) Happy go lucky.

One thing he told me not to tell to my parents or to my relatives and neither to his relatives, that his parents have met with the girls parents of her choice but he didn't told me that I have to hide from the blogging world, so now you know. His parents have met her parents .. Wo Ho.. Now the party season will begin......

C u soon :)

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