Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cup of coffee !!

One sunday morning in a house of a recently married indian couple

Mr.X: Wake up dear its 8'o clock. get up and make coffee for me.
Mr.X's Wife: sorry dear i want to sleep for some more time as i am not feeling well.
pls help yourself for the coffee and make my self one. pls.

Mr.X: What! you want me to make coffee for you. sorry i cant. what you are
thinking yourself by making me to make coffee today and you start expect me to
do this regularly.i am going out and have it.

(Coming out of the home Mr. X walking towards the coffee shop, on the way he met he friend Mr.Y, he is a bachelor)

Mr.X: hai da, how r u?
Mr.Y: G8, how r u? wht are you doing here in the early morning, i am a bachelor so i
have to come out everyday to have coffee, but in ur case its not like that na.
Mr.X: No, my wife is not well, so i came out.
Mr.Y: Ho! you have to buy coffee for her, why cant you make urself in ur home itself?
Mr.X: What u r telling i cant make coffee, if i start today she will expect me to do
it everyday and i will become a cook.
Mr.Y: ok, we are near our friend Mr.Z's house lets see what he is doin?

(They both entering Mr.Z's home, Mr. Z welcome both and offered him a cup of coffee)

Mr.Y: Nice coffee dude, Thanks to ur wife, Where is she?
Mr.Z: Hey this coffee was made by me? as my wife is busy with some other work.
Mr.X: What happened to you? are you alright?
Mr.Z: Whats wrong in that?
Mr.X: If you start doing all this work then why we are having wife, its their job?
Mr.Z: We usually help eachother in our work so that we can finish the work early and
had time to relax together. I will help her in the weekdays too so that we can
go to our offices early. (Mr.X thinks what happens in their weekday morning activities as its usually filled with lots of tension, suddenly he thinks about his wife and realise she is not able to do today that's y she asked him to get her coffee)

Mr.X: ok guys, got to go my wife is alone in home and she is not well i have to get some breakfast for her. bye! see u later.

The people Mr.X,Y,Z we are seeing in our everyday life.

PS: i want to mention one thing here i am Mr.Y..

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